The 2024-2025 U.S. News Law School Rankings Are Here

The 2024-2025 U.S. News & World Report law school rankings have finally arrived — complete with their fair share of drama and absurdity.

After releasing a preliminary version of the rankings to law schools last Wednesday, it was discovered that a full 80(!) schools were incorrectly ranked — including nine law schools in the Top 50 — leading the magazine to release a corrected version of the rankings the very next day. On top of these errors, it’s been reported that law schools actively boycotting the rankings are listed as “participating” when all they did was provide U.S. News with publicly available data upon which the rankings are now largely based.

Last week, we brought readers a copy of the embargoed Top 25 law schools from the U.S. News rankings. Has anything changed since then? It’s time to find out.

Here’s the official list of the top law schools in the nation, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report in the year 2024. Changes in rank from this year over last year come to us courtesy of Mike Spivey of Spivey Consulting.

Here is the methodology for the latest edition of the rankings, which may explain some of the wild gains and losses you’re about to see:

  • Employment: 33% (newly averaged between the two most recent graduating class years)
  • First-Time Bar Passage: 18% (newly averaged between the two most recent graduating class years)
  • Ultimate Bar Passage: 7% (newly averaged between the two most recent graduating class years)
  • Peer Assessment: 12.5% (slightly tweaked)
  • Lawyer/Judge Assessment: 12.5% (slightly tweaked)
  • LSAT/GRE: 5%
  • UGPA: 4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 1%
  • Student-Faculty Ratio: 5%
  • Library Resources: 2%
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That said, take a look at the prestigious T14, where there were some major moves:

Stanford University 1
Yale University 1
University of Chicago 3
Duke University 4 +1
Harvard University 4 +1
University of Pennsylvania 4
University of Virginia 4 +4
Columbia University 8
New York University 9 -4
Northwestern University 9 +1
University of Michigan 9 +1
University of California–Berkeley 12 -2
University of California–Los Angeles 13 +1
Cornell University 14 -1
Georgetown University 14 +1

Well, well, well, these seem to be the exact same rankings that were released under the original embargo by U.S. News. This is still represents a major shake-up within the T14, with UVA climbing to No. 4, while NYU has dropped down a few spots. There are now three ties within the T14 (a four-way tie for No. 4; a three-way tie for No. 9; and a tie for No. 14). At least Georgetown has made its way back into the the tippy top of the rankings.

University of Minnesota 16
University of Texas–Austin 16
Washington University in St. Louis 16 +4
Vanderbilt University 19 -3
University of Georgia 20
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill 20 +2
University of Notre Dame 20 +7
University of Southern California 20 -4
Boston University 24 +3
Wake Forest University 25 -3
Ohio State University (Moritz) 26 -4
Texas A&M University 26 +3
Boston College 28 +1
Brigham Young University (Clark) 28 -6
George Mason University (Scalia) 28 +4
University of Florida (Levin) 28 -6
University of Utah (Quinney) 28 +4

The biggest winner here was Notre Dame (up seven places and into the Top 20), while BYU and Florida saw the largest drops (both down six places). George Mason and Utah both gained four spots, propelling them into the Top 30, and UNC also entered the vaunted Top 20. Nicely done.

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Fordham University 33 -4
University of Alabama 33 +2
Washington and Lee University 33 +7
Arizona State University (O’Connor) 36 -4
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 36 +7
University of Iowa 36 -1
University of Wisconsin–Madison 36 +4
William & Mary Law School 36 +9
George Washington University 41 -6
Emory University 42 -7
Indiana University–Bloomington (Maurer) 42 +3
Southern Methodist University (Dedman) 42 +3
University of California–Irvine 42 -7
Baylor University 46 +3
University of Kansas 46 -6
Florida State University 48 +8
University of Colorado–Boulder 48 +8
University of Washington 48 +1
Villanova University (Widger) 48 -5

The biggest winners here were William & Mary (+9), Florida State (+8), Colorado (+8), Illinois (+7), and Washington & Lee (+7). The biggest losers here were Emory (-7) and UC Irvine (-7). Whatever some of the schools here are doing, they better shape up, because some have almost been shipped out of the Top 50.

The highly anticipated 2024-2025 U.S. News Law School Rankings have been released, giving prospective law students valuable insight into the top law schools in the United States. Institutions such as Yale, Stanford, and Harvard continue to dominate the rankings, showcasing their strong academic programs and prestigious reputations. However, there have been some notable shifts in the rankings, with some schools rising in the standings while others have dropped. This year’s rankings also emphasize factors such as bar passage rates, employment outcomes, and faculty resources, providing a comprehensive overview of each school’s strengths and weaknesses. As students weigh their options for law school, these rankings serve as a valuable tool in making informed decisions about their future legal education.

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