All Aboard! How To Get Intake Right In A Law Firm

At most law firms, leads stream in from new places all the time: social media, website chat, contact forms, email, phone, text — probably carrier pigeon!

It never ends.

So, how does a law firm manager effectively funnel all of that data into one place and then manage an intake pipeline?

Well, if you listen to this podcast at all, you’ll know that the answer is: the right technology!

In this special episode, we cover how to manage leads through a complete client journey, making it far more likely that you will convert them.

Best of all, your lead pipeline — and its potential effectiveness — are more transparent than ever: You can get reports, and use them to improve your process over time.

That’s why we brought Joyce Brafford of ProfitSolv onto the Non-Eventcast — to talk over all things intake.

We brought in a guest, too, and that’s Matt DeFrain from Law Ruler, a customer relationship management software for law firms. So who better to rap about intake?

In this episode, we started out by offering up our favorite conspiracy theories (5:44) in what is fast becoming a regular segment for us.

Extending from there, we discussed the concept of a “client journey” (14:04) and how to build an amazing one (16:22).

Following up on that conversation, Matt leaned into why it’s so important for law firms to respond to leads as quickly as possible — and, that really means, “in an instantaneous fashion” (20:31).

Matt then got deep into how important it is to integrate your CRM tool with your other major law firm softwares, like case management tools (27:53).

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Next, the group covered the value of automating intake processes in a law firm (29:11), which a modern CRM should be able to do for you.

Lastly, we addressed how law firms can use data to make better decisions about employing an effective intake process, across a whole host of metrics (34:16).

If your current law firm client journey is more like an off-road experience, check out this podcast for some help figuring out how to smooth things over.


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