Law Firms Now Have A Choice In Their Document Comparison Software

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Six months on since its launch at ILTACon in August 2023, Draftable Legal is making good on its promise to the legal industry to provide a choice in document comparison solutions; and a wave of law firms are making the switch, including UK Top 50 and leading Scottish law firm Brodies LLP.

Over 200 firms across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific are now using Draftable Legal, with more than 15,000 document comparisons in just six months.

After the recent market consolidation, law firms were vocal about their frustration with being forced to settle for document comparison solutions with escalating prices and waning customer support.

Global document-comparison provider, Draftable, was listening. With over a decade in document comparison software, the Draftable team turned their attention to the legal industry.

Brendan McGreevy, Commercial Director at Draftable, explained their approach: “We worked extensively with legal professionals around the world to develop Draftable Legal specifically for lawyers. The team wanted to create an intuitive solution so lawyers could easily make the switch from their previous comparison software, and we’re thrilled to have achieved exactly that”.

Using an empathy-driven approach to product design, the Draftable team have rapidly developed new legal features requested by law firms, including the ability to see text that was moved to or from a table, and to leave tags and notes on changes and export the list to share with colleagues.

Features such as emailing comparisons with one click and avoiding incorrect changes in numbered lists are saving time and enhancing workflows in law firms worldwide. The Draftable team also has an exciting product roadmap to continue developing and releasing throughout the year.

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Along with legal-specific features, law firms were asking for greater customer support from pre-deployment to post-purchase of their software. Draftable has doubled down on its worldwide, round-the-clock customer support, establishing a dedicated sales and customer support team in the US and Europe.

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Law firms now have the⁤ option‍ to choose ‍their document comparison software, giving them more control over their workflow⁤ and processes. ‍This new development allows firms to select the software that best suits their ⁣needs and preferences, rather than being limited to a specific program. With this choice, law firms ‌can now ensure that their⁣ document comparison software is tailored to their specific requirements,⁤ resulting in increased efficiency​ and ​effectiveness in their work. This shift highlights ​the importance of customization‍ and flexibility in modern legal technology, ‌empowering ‍firms​ to optimize their operations and provide better services to their clients.